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Lincoln Electric Equipment kievIn 2004 the company acquired a welding machine AGW - 2 of the Lincoln Electric Company (USA) for two-side welding of horizontal welds in the manufacture of tanks. For the moment it is the only such machine working on the territory of Ukraine.

Equipment was tested on objects of PAK TERMINAL (Estonia) in the manufacture of tanks of 30,000 cubic meters. AGW- 2 increases productivity of welding works by 20 times against manual arc welding and reduces the time of welding by 40%. The welding process is carried out under a layer of flux with solid conductors, weld materials can be both foreign and domestic production.

Apparatus of automatic horizontal welding AGW Lincoln Electric Equipment(Automatic Girth Welder) manufactured by Koike Aronson-Ransome are self-propelled welding system designed for construction of steel tanks in the field  for different purposes, with belt height of 1.8 to 3 m.

All welding equipment is highly reliable, proven in heavy-duty over the years.